• Regularly go into several prison units most days of the week, coordinating the Faith-Based program classes and preaching for their prison church services.  



We provide 160 Church Services at 7 prisons on Sunday mornings, afternoons, & evenings, and also on Saturday evenings (with an additional 110 services added in 2020). We are authorized to bring in Bibles, serve communion once a month, and we are permitted to provide quarterly baptism opportunities in 5 prisons.

  • Over 220 were baptized in 2019 (with 2-3 more baptism services still to come!)


CLASSES (Faith-Based)

We regularly go into several different prison units on most days of the week, and teach 10-12 Faith-Based classes a week for up to 200 men per class in 5 state prisons.

Many of our Faith-Based programs and classes have a waiting list, some of 200-300. 


Bible Courses: New Testament overview & Old Testament overview

Wisdom for Life – topical study of Proverbs & Ecclesiastes 

  • Searching for Wisdom – Creating a change in character, attitude, and expectations.

Life of Christ – Basic Christian Discipleship class

Authentic Manhood, 33: the SeriesUses Jesus as the model of the “Perfect Man”.

  • Gives men a vision for Manhood as modeled by Jesus in His 33 years on earth. 

Exceptional Presenter – Teaches skills to “Set yourself apart” (in a good way!) Learn to better represent yourself, by developing self-confidence, self-control, and an “others first” servant-attitude. Valuable skills for relationships, interviews, jobs, and all personal interaction.

Pure Life – Alter of Sexual Idolatry – Hope in the midst of overwhelming sexual temptation.

  • Knowing what it is like to live in a culture that is obsessed with sex, this class offers

     Spiritual keys and practical an­swers needed to maintain a pure heart and life before God.

Personal Leadership Development – a Leader is more than a “coordinator” of others.

  • Leaders have INFLUENCE; but should focus on developing personal character first! Lessons on how to be worthy of following. (uses book “Willpower Doesn’t Work”)

Purpose Driven Life – by Rick Warren (Includes “Next 100 Days” life guide plan)

Anger Management – learning how to understand and express anger in healthy ways.  

Overcomers – Fighting battles with alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, pornography and sexual addictions, eating disorders, violence, criminal activities, or feelings of inadequacy and failure. Recovery programs inspire spiritual commitments & to develop a willingness to change.

  • Maintaining emotional and spiritual stability for a lifetime involves more than knowledge;
  • It requires changes in attitudes and behaviors, and most of all, a relationship with God.



We obtained over 25,000 Prison Bibles from Zondervan in 2018 and have been regularly distributing them to various prisons units throughout Texas.



Approved as a Certified Volunteer Chaplain’s Assistant, (having advanced training),

I am authorized to preach, teach and provide personal support and counseling at five prisons, and serve as a minister for their 3½ day inside prison retreats on Christianity.

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