Prison Ministry Report – CHURCH Services & Classes as of Feb. 2020

Carl Etchison, Prison Missionary

Rescued, Not Arrested – Texas
Texas Department of

Criminal Justice is interested in offender rehabilitation.

  • Our interest is more about spiritual transformation,
    resulting in life change!
  • Maintaining emotional and spiritual
    for a lifetime involves more than just knowledge; It requires
    changes in attitudes, changes in behaviors, and most of all, a Relationship with God.

RNA – Texas
focuses on one of the 3 branches of prison ministry – INTERIM:

  • Serving in 5
    of the prison units in Texas, offering inmates:
  • 12-13 Church Services
    in 5 prison units for 900-1,000 men.

w/ Bibles,
& Baptism opportunities at all5.

  • 454 men were baptized since 2016 through
    our prison ministry!

  • Offering
    8 Faith-Based
    Classesin 4 prison unitsfor 400-500

Bible classes, & Life-Skills Training on: Quest for Authentic Manhood
(using Jesus as the model), Pure Life, Marriage and Family, Fathering, Mentoring,
and Christian Discipleship.  

Historic Event:

1st Graduating class in Texas
history for G-5 inmates (highest custody

level), from TDCJ super maximum security prison, on Feb.4, 2020.

(I helped teach one of the classes
there – “Authentic Manhood”.)

JUBILEE Retreats

Trained as a Certified Volunteer Chaplain’s Assistant, I
help teach and counsel at different prisons for 3½ day inside prison retreats
on Christianity.

“Continue to remember those in prison as if you
were together with them

in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves
were suffering.”
  Hebrews 13:3 – NIV